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Spotify Premium Apk Free Download Latest Offline MOD 2018

If you love listening to music, Spotify is one of the best options you can resort to! There are many services which offer functions which are similar to Spotify.

Top 5 Best Math Problem Solver Apps 2018

Developers have designed apps for smartphones which can solve almost any math problem. We have listed some of the most useful Math Problem-Solving Apps below which can run on Android as well as iOS devices.

Top 5 apps useful to convert PDF document to Microsoft Word on Android

There are obviously several apps that can be employed for the purpose of converting a PDF file into Word on an Android device and...



Samsung’s graphene batteries could arrive in time for the Galaxy Note...

Samsung received a patent for a graphene-based solution that could lead to batteries that last a whopping 45% longer than current lithium-ion ones. Now,...