First it was the WhatsApp blue ticks that got people into trouble, now to actually hack into the next person’s WhatsApp is just a step too far.

The internet is just getting scarier by the minute, and these smartphones are not helping matters either. There is a video circulating on social media that teaches people how to basically have their friend’s WhatsApp on your phone without even noticing it.

You can only do it if you have the next person’s phone, so at least you’ll be hacked by a person you love – most likely to be a life partner.

If you’re the one interested in doing the hacking, open Google Chrome and search for WhatsApp web and select the first search result.

Click on the drop down menu in a form of three little circles on the top right side of the screen

Click on Request desktop site

This is the screen it will give you:

Using your poor victim’s phone,

  • open WhatsApp.
  • click on the drop-down menu, then WhatsApp code.
  • and scan the code on your screen, and there, now you have your partner’s WhatsApp on your phone.

We hope relationships survive this because sadly, this thing works – we tested it.




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