Who would have thought that of all the possible ground breaking stuff that could make headlines at Mobile World Congress 2018, we were going to end up with what many reviewers and users have described as the “God-awful notch” from Essential Phone and iPhone X stealing the show? At least 13 notch display phones were announced at MWC 2018.

Sometimes smartphone trends come out of nowhere. Headphone jacks were considered an integral component of every phone until Apple’s “courageous” decision. Now, we’re seeing more smartphones launch without the headphone jack every year. The latest trend sparked by Apple might be even more annoying for some.

Many people attribute the display “notch” to Apple, but we know the Essential Phone was actually the first to feature this design quirk. Like we saw with wireless charging, smartphone trends don’t take off until Apple hops on board. Now it seems like the “notch” is the next big thing in the smartphone world.

Essential Phone was actually the first to feature this design quirk

What Is a Notch

The notch is a gap usually positioned at the top of the display of the latest generation of smartphones. The so-called notch can have different sizes and shapes, but its main purpose is always the same: increase the surface area of the display on the front of the devices without giving up the front cameras or the various sensors.

This is a Notch !
Manufacturers like Samsung have decided to remain faithful to the classic notch-free style, simply trying to minimize the thickness of the bezels without necessarily introducing a notch into the display. Still others, such as Xiaomi on the Mi MIX 2S, have already adopted original solutions for positioning cameras and all the necessary components by making smartphones with virtually no bezels and no notches.

My Review On The Notch City

I keep coming across phone reviewers, articles and comments on reddit in regards to their disapproval and in some cases hatred for the notch on phones and I just do not understand it. These same people and reviewers have raved on and made a point in expressing their delight of “screen real estate” and “Screen to body ratio” yet somehow when Apple produced the notch it was met with negativity.

Another confusing aspect is that other phone manufactures have been slammed for “Copying” the notch as though there is a better way to go about increasing screen to body ratio without implementing a notch.

Up until someone figures out how to place a camera and sensor underneath the screen the notch IS the best way to go about it.

The Notch City Future

Well, since we are in the notch city for now, let’s get used to what we have until someone will come up with a notchless + full display smartphone. Oh wait! Lewis Hilsenteger made a Video Tweet of Samsung being the first to make this possible on their up coming s10.

What do you think about the notch city? Better still, tell us which are you currently using?



  1. […] it over and that dedication to updated design continues. While some still object to notched displays, we’ve seen more and more phones tap into the trend in 2018. The Nokia 7.1’s notch is small […]

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